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I'm an ordinary girl really. Who happens to transform into a crime fighting, beat-boxing robotic panda every blue moon. But apart from that normal. If I was to go on mastermind my specialist subject would either be the periodic table or Disney Princesses.

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[flings myself into the garbage]

Jack, Kelly and Laura are already well aware of my plans to make a twink elf to romance Iron Bull on DA:Inquisition..

…so this comic speaks to me on a spiritual level

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Photo by*Mahiru

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Costume at LARP


A friend said to me today ” you do really just LARP for the kit don’t you”

and it made me think, what kit and costume means to me and how that impacts my experience at LARP and my perceptions of a LARP.

As a rule before attending an event I will always look through photo galleries of that event…